Character Design in a Nutshell

Jun 9th 2020

Today I was looking at some videos to learn more about character design and I decided to take notes.
Then I thought… Hmm, these notes are probably useful to many people. Why don’t you put them in a blog post!
This is it…

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How Block Paint Was Born

May 4th 2020

It was January 2nd, 2020. The genesis block from bitcoin blockchain was mined by Satoshi Nakamoto on January 3rd, 2009 so in the next day bitcoin will have 11 years old. Didn’t remember that until Vitus from Team Satoshi posted this:

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Convert Mp4 to Webm

Nov 18th 2019

At the moment of creating this blog, I had the problem of having pretty heavy mp4 videos and I knew that webm files tend to be smaller and more streaming friendly. So I ended up making a script that converts an mp4 file to webm using the ffmpeg open-source command.

This is the following you have to do to make the conversion.

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Ultimate .Gitignore File for Unity Projects

Nov 12th 2019

When I start a new unity project always I start googling the best .gitignore file to add so git ignores visual studio stuff, operating system, temporary generated files, and so on.

Sometimes I find a good one and sometimes not. I decided to publish the best candidate I use for the moment.

The file goes like this:

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What Is Inverse Kinematics? the New IK Unity3D System

Nov 5th 2019

Inverse Kinematics allows you to modify any animation in runtime so you can make a specific joint to follow a target ignoring partially or totally the animation being played. In Unity3D 2019 there is a new and easy way to implement them. Let’s implement this:

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